What I’m Reading: The Lost City of Z


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Hello readers!

If any of you are wondering where I’ve been, my laptop died. My husband is graciously letting me borrow his for the time being, so I’m finally back to posting. Huzzah!

This post is a review I wrote today on my Goodreads account.

A prim but occult dabbling 58 year old Victorian explorer, his 21 year old son, and his son’s best friend disappear deep in the Amazon in search of a lost city. What happened? And does the city they were looking for even exist?
This book is full of the usual things you’d expect in a book about Victorian jungle explorers: cannibalism, pit vipers, shrunken heads, people buried alive, and racist white men.
It’s also full of things that might surprise you, like religious cults, a mutinous polar explorer, Sir Walter Raleigh’s embalmed skull, feminism, Colonel T. E. Lawrence (a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia), and former President Teddy Roosevelt.
Percy Fawcett was a character larger than life, but his wife was incredible as well. She spoke German and French, advocated for women’s rights, and was raised in the lap of luxury, yet married Fawcett and raised his three children in poverty. She wanted to explore the Amazon with him, but instead became his advocate, championing his name and promoting the details of his trips to the public.
Fawcett’s last and fateful trip was, in part, sponsored by John D. Rockefeller Jr. and spawned the screenplay “Find Colonel Fawcett” on which Bing Crosby and Bob Hope’s “Road to Zanzibar” was (exceedingly) loosely based.
This is one book you will disappear into for hours. Don’t forget to come back before the exploring bug bites, and you too trek off in search of “Z.”

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