Found Friday: Veteran’s Bible


This Bible is very special to me. I found it tucked away in a dusty corner in the very back of an antique/flea market shop, sealed in a plastic bag. I bought it for four dollars if memory serves.

The Bible belonged to Tulis Young. He was born in Missouri on June 7th, 1919, to Douglas and Ora Bell Young. They had three children: Melba, Lawrence, and Tulis. On the 1920 census Mr. Young lists his occupation as “farmer.” In 1922, when Tulis was no older than three, his mother died. His sister passed away in 1951.


I couldn’t find when he joined the army, but he notes that he was baptized by a chaplain on January 24th, 1942, and the copyright in the bible is 1941.



The stubs of paper he used as bookmarks tell us a little about his life.



A ticket for a motel room dated February 23rd, 1977. He paid $9.


His father’s obituary. He passed in 1978.

Tulis married a woman named Mildred. She died November 17th, 1971 at the age of 51. They had no children. Tulis passed away November 14th, 2004. His brother, Lawrence, passed away in 2008.

Thank you, Mr. Young, for your service and sacrifice for this country. You are not forgotten.

Thank you, veterans, for your service, your sacrifice and dedication.


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