Found Friday: Love Note?


In this 1957 paperback edition of Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms I found what looks like a love note and a class schedule.


To Diane, My darling dear, I love you so, So lets make up and really go. This note contains a word of warning(?), so goodbye honey See you Wed. morn.”


“(1) Sat. 7-27- Circuit II. EE119b 8-10am. E214 (2) Mon. 7-29- Math 148 1-3pm E206 (3) Tues -7-30- Electronic- EE1506 1-3pm-E206 (4) Wed. 7-31-Therodynamics (sic) ME108 8-10am-E219”


I’m not sure what the word of warning is in the note; it sounds rather ominous! Perhaps I am reading it wrong? Let me know in the comments if you think it says something else.

I wonder what happened between the writer and Diane.


2 thoughts on “Found Friday: Love Note?

  1. I took the meaning of the word “warning” as playful!! He writes “let’s make up” …. so perhaps he is warning her that he intends to ravish her!!!


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