What I’m Reading: Alfred Hitchcock’s Tales to Take Your Breath Away

Friday the 13th? I’m not worried. Monday the 13th? Not that’s something to be frightened of! So what else would I be reading but tales collected by the Master of Suspense himself? Read on, if you dare.CAM00266-2.jpg

Who doesn’t like a good, spine tingling story?

This book consists of many short stories, many of murder most foul (insert evil laughter here). A few, like The Dettweiler Solution are quite humorous, while some, like A Cabin in the Woods are sure to make the hairs on your neck prickle. Still others are historical capers, like The Whitechapel Wantons. Now granted, this book is a collection of stories printed in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine in the 70’s. Some of the stories are riddled with outdated references,  or stereotypical relationships-the nagging wife, the browbeaten husband-but don’t let that get in the way of your enjoyment. I confess, I did skip a few that were too dry for my taste, but overall, this was a good read.

What are you reading this week?



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