Found Friday

Have you ever found a lost treasure in a book?  An inscription, a bookmark, or perhaps a pressed flower? I decided to start a series called “Found Friday” to document all the things I have found in books. Today, I’m sharing a sweet note from a granddaughter to her grandmother inscribed in December of 1994 on the flyleaf of Leaving Cold Sassy by Olive Ann Burns.CAM00210

“Dear Grandma-

I fell in love with literature at a very young age. Perhaps it is something passed down from generation to generation.

So many stories have touched me in so many ways. I laugh, cry, mourn, and rejoice with countless characters-stories touch the soul. They touch people. I think it’s odd that the two of us, grandmother and granddaughter, never realized how alike we were until now. I feel books and stories served as our bridge-allowing our lives to touch in a personal and private way.

so wish to be a writer someday-to see my own stories in print in bookstores. But more so to touch people as so many writers have me. And as you have.

You are an inspiration to me Grandma. Your spirit and soul so strong. When I’m a grandmother, I want to be just like you-



P. S. The story of Olive Ann Burns is as good as the book!”

I hope Cathy followed her dream.


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