What I’m Reading: The Advanced Genius Theory

moon-1275126_960_720Image from Pixabay

Have you ever looked at a celebrity and thought they must be losing it? That almost everything they are acting in/writing/producing is complete and utter drivel? The book I’m reading, The Advanced Genius Theory by Jason Hartley, explains why you might be wrong.

Do you love Star Wars but hate Jar Jar Binks? Jason Hartley explains that George Lucas is an Advanced Genius, so in reality, Jar Jar is just ahead of his time (which doesn’t make the character any more likable to me, but at least there is an explanation). So, what does “Advanced Genius” mean? According to the author, you have to meet five criteria:

1) You must have done great work for more than fifteen years.

2) You must have alienated your original fans.

3) You must be completely unironic.

4) You must be unpredictable.

5) You must “lose it.” Spectacularly.

He explains his theory in depth from there. So if you want to figure out if your favorite actor/chef/politician/public figure is actually an Advanced Genius, or really is losing it, read the book. If you want to see people in a fresh perspective, read the book. If you want to learn an Advanced mind set, read the book.

I give this book five out of five stars. What are you reading?



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